Ginger Snaps - A Photographic Exploration of Redheads across England

by Charlotte Rushton DiNunzio

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About Charlotte Rushton DiNunzio

Originally from London, UK, Charlotte Rushton DiNunzio is a professional photographer with over twenty years of experience. She has worked as a photojournalist all over the world, a high-end wedding photographer across Europe, and currently as owner and primary photographer at a boutique photography studio on the central coast in California, USA. Additionally, DiNunzio has been teaching photography at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo for the last thirteen years. Born into a redhead family, her true passion lies in uplifting the minority population sharing her hair colour. 

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Ginger Snaps

In Ginger Snaps: A Photographic Exploration of Redheads Across England, Charlotte Rushton DiNunzio aims her lens at a very personal issue: What it is like to have red hair in England today. Having spent most of her youth in the UK, this passion project allowed her to capture and explore the diversity among redheads in her native country. Charlotte’s photojournalistic portraits of redheads all over England show how unique and amazing these individuals are.

British redheads are so much more than the sum of the ridiculous comments, absurd assumptions, or outright name-calling they have collectively experienced. Celebrating the spirit inherent to having red hair, Charlotte states, “Although we are often teased mercilessly, we usually come out unscathed and embrace this extraordinary hair colour to be our crowning glory. Are we really the laughing stock of the nation, or actually a national treasure? You decide.”

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Watch an interview between Charlotte Rushton DiNunzio (aka 'Ginger') and Jefferson Graham, former USA TODAY columnist, filmmaker, photographer and creator of the "PhotoWalks" series found on YouTube and Tubi


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“This journey of photographing redheads has definitely been cathartic for me.”


"Congrats to Ginger on such a fabulous new book. Love the terrific photos, and the sentiment is right on. Redheads deserve respect too!"

Jefferson Graham

" "Ginger Snaps" showcases the unique beauty of redheads, from delicate to dazzling, newborn to weathered, subdued to whimsical. Charlotte's dynamic style brings her subjects alive on every page. Great for gingers everywhere who'd like to see more of their big bold family, and anyone with a special ginger in their lives.”


“ Mrs. Dinunzio's raw and candid perspective on being a redhead is a must read for all "carrot tops". Her ability to honestly convey the hurt, along with the humor of being "ginger" makes the book authentic and for a brunette, heart-wrenching at times. The photography is varied - photojournalistic in its piercing vantage point, capturing intimate moments that reveal the individual under the red hair. In a world seeking ways to encourage empathy, this book makes is abundantly clear that words matter.”

M Tichio

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